No Drama Llama

No Drama Llama

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This game is part of the Lucky Balls game! This game is up so you can see what prizes can be won!

The color of the Llama determines your price.

Pink -Small Llama Bag

Blue - Small Llama Bag

White - Large Llama Bag

Purple - Small Llama Bag

Tan - Large Llama Bag

Anything can be in these bags! 

Small bags could include but is not limited too 3 pearls or crystal balls at home reveals, gemstone bottle tree, chip clip, socks, druzy amethyst heart, chakra stones, mini candle, mini spa kit, car air freshener, scratch ticket and more.

Large Llama Bag could have but is not limited too mug set, macmarae chakra stones, makeup brush set, diamond paiting mirror, restore bath set, scratch ticket and more.

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