Caring for your Pearls:

Take care when storing your pearls. Do not store them next to other jewelry. Your other pieces can damage your pearls by scratching or nicking your pearls. It's best to keep them in a fabric lined box or the fabric pouch they come in.

Our skin produces acids that are harmful to our pearls.  If you are wearing your pearls on a regular basis you will need to wipe them down with a soft cloth or a pearl cleaning cloth after each wear. Your pearls can gradually absorb acid from your skin that will eat into the pearl causing it to lose its luster. Wiping your pearls with either a wet or dry, soft cloth will prevent dirt from accumulating. You can use a drop of olive oil on your cleansing cloth to help maintain your pearl’s luster.

Your pearls can be damaged by chemicals and heat. Only use jewelry cleaner that is clearly marked safe for pearls. Never use ultrasonic cleanser. Your pearls bounce around and can be damage by hitting each other or hitting the machine itself. Pearls are very delicate. Do not use dish or wash detergents, bleaches, baking soda or ammonia based cleansers on your pearls. Do not use toothbrushes, or any other abrasive materials to clean your pearls. Always take off your pearls before you use any cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume. Avoid heat and dry air because both can cause pearls to turn brown, dry out, and crack.