Come join us on Facebook @ Angel Pearls Canada for our Live Pearl Parties. We open genuine cultured pearl oysters to reveal the pearl that is inside. Join in on the fun and have your own pearl oyster opened. We have purchase draws and share draws ....who doesn't love free stuff!!!!

Who doesn't like free stuff!?! How about hosting a Pearl Party right in your home for your family and friends. We offer hostess rewards and incentives just for you for hosting a party. Fun games with awesome prizes.

We load up our oysters and some inventory and we come out to your home for a fun filled party. How much fun is that!?! How exciting is it to watch your oyster being opened right before your eyes or give it a try in opening your own oyster. The excitement is real. It's exciting to see the beauty of what's inside that oyster. What color will it be? What size will it be? Will it be 1 pearl or will it be twins? Let's party to find out!

If you are not able to host a party in your home contact us if you're interested in hosting a live pearl party event on FB! 

Message us at for details and available dates.